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Fawcett Hopes for Second Term.

Suffolk News Herald Published 10:15 pm Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Roger Fawcett is completing his freshman term on Suffolk City Council and hoping to return for another term representing the Sleepy Hole Borough…
CLICK HERE: A Letter from Council Member Roger W. Fawcett
Dear Friends: I am writing to let you know that I have decided to seek re-election to the Sleepy Hole Borough seat on Suffolk City Council and I respectfully ask for your support. Since I was seated on City Council in 2013, Suffolk has made some great strides:

  • We are recruiting new companies and creating new jobs, which decreases the tax burden on residential properties
  • We have a new city manager and a great staff in place to manage the city’s daily affairs
  • We have invested in public education, public safety and quality of life to make Suffolk an even more enjoyable place to live, work and raise a family.

This city budget that was recently adopted by Council places Suffolk on a sound, fiscally conservative path.  A pie chart is on the back of this letter that illustrates where our city funds are spent.  The city budget meets City Council’s goals:

  • No tax increases and no increases in trash service pick-up and stormwater fees.
  • Increased support for Suffolk public schools
  • We completed our employee compensation and critical personnel resources
  • We invested in quality of life enhancements
  • We continue strong financial management practices and are in compliance with our financial policies.

Our citywide tax rate is third lowest in the Hampton Roads region, behind Virginia Beach and Chesapeake (each of which has large tourism and business sector revenues). Here in our boroughs we are building 2 new schools.  We completed transportation improvements including new intersections at Lee Farm Lane at Bridge Road and Bennett’s Pasture Road at Bridge Road.  The intersection of Shoulders Hill and Bridge Road will be under construction this fall.  We are also reconfiguring the intersection of Bridge Road and Harbour View Boulevard to make traffic improvements. Over the coming months, I will outline my ideas for the next four years.  I am very interested in hearing your ideas.  I can be reached by email at or at my cell phone at (757) 513-2066. I have enclosed a reply card and envelope.  If you would like to help my campaign for re-election with a financial contribution and/or as a volunteer, please let me know. Serving on City Council as your representative is a tremendous honor. Every time I cast a vote I consider what is best for the citizens of the Sleepy Hole Borough and vote accordingly.  I have tried my best to move our city forward in a fiscally conservative manner with a focus on responsibly providing core government services. I am respectfully asking for your support for my campaign for re-election.  Please let me know how I can serve you better.  I enjoy hearing your concerns and ideas for the future.  See you in the neighborhoods on the campaign trail…   Sincerely, Roger Fawcett